We believe in fostering curiosity, love, respect & reverence to the world of nature, and to each other.

Our program consists of a 6 children, ages two years and five months, to five years old. We feel that each child has a unique gift to bring the world. We nurture each child in a beautiful and warm home-like environment where things happen in a predictable, regular manner. Which allows children to unfold in an relaxed way. In a world that is often too hurried along we strive to protect childhood.

We encourage imaginative play by offering natural, simple, and beautiful playthings that allow freedom for the child’s imagination.  During playtime, the children transform the room using many simple toys, play stands, blocks, cloths, and dress-up materials. Through their imaginative and creative forces, the children imitate the world around them. The activity of play encourages communication, socialization, and collaboration. The group consciousness builds upon these interactions, allowing for increased growth and development with all children.

Together we participate in holistic meaningful tasks enriched with the daily rhythms of farm life.  This might include tending to the goats, bunnies and chickens, gardening, baking, and caring for our space and the world around us. Children are enriched through engaging in many artistic activities including fiber arts with fiber sourced on the farm, watercolor painting, crayoning, modeling with beeswax and clay, handwork, nature crafts, seasonal activities, as well as movement and music. Frequent puppet shows and telling of nature stories and fairy tales nourish the child’s imagination, enhancing free-play activities. Children are free to explore the natural world, run, play, dig and help in the garden. We go outside every day rain or shine! We celebrate seasonal and traditional festivals as a class, and together with our community.

Daily Rhythm


  • 9:30 Welcome, Greet the Farm Animals
  • 9:45 Creative Project
  • 10:00 Free Play Indoors
  • 10:45 Clean up, Set table for snack
  • 11:00 Circle
  • 11:15 Healthy, organic snack provided
  • 11:45 Free Exploration Outdoors
  • 12:45 Clean up
  • 1:00 Lunch
  • 1:30 Story or Puppet Show
  • 2:00 Massage and Rest
  • 2:30 Parent pick up