I believe the most important element in a parent-caregiver relationship is trust!
While i am not there, i want to be 100% sure the person taking care of my child is gentle, loving and attentive and will reliably and promptly respond to any needs my child is expressing while i am not there. While chickens, goats, dogs, cats and a lovely garden are a beautiful decor they are still only that, while the true quality of the care given lies in the integrity and capacity to love of the caregiver.
I have known Teresa as a homeschooling mother, and as my older children’s nature craft teacher for several years, I have also visited almost 20 preschools in Marin as well as have experienced a couple of quality home daycare preschools with my older children, yet when Teresa decided to re-open the doors of “Treesprites” it was with her i wanted my child to stay!

I felt she would truly be present with him, tell me the truth, model love and care for him, facilitate positive interactions between him and his little colleagues, and for me as a parent be straightforward and easy to communicate with. My experience was 100% positive.
My youngest child communicates preferences clearly and speaks about Teresa, things they did together, missing her and wanting to see her again. I feel i made the best choice i could have for him, and feel thankful that his first ever experience outside of his family was so positive, so “real” (as in “grown ups” who truly deserve that label and truly put the main focus on the child’s nurturing), and yet preserving the magical qualities of that age, seeing little chickens hatch and searching the chicken coop for eggs.

Anyone looking for a connective, creative, deeply caring environment for their child will appreciate what Teresa has to offer i believe.


Fran began with Teresa and TreeSprites in Fall 2016, she turned 3 in March 2017. The timing was really lovely as she also became a big sister in August 2016 and had a lot of transition underway with her new role. We didn’t want to create too much change at one time, and we found Teresa and her school to be very grounding, providing many growth opportunities that have been a good compliment to Fran’s life during entry last year and these past 8 months.

TreeSprites is deeply nourishing for Fran and our family. We love the nature-based elements, music, play and cooperative environment.

Working in the garden, planting, watering, exploring, visiting with, feeding and handling the animal friends is a phenomenal and fun opportunity. Fran fell in love with the bantam chickens…chasing them around, holding and feeding them. Teresa patiently and kindly taught her how to do it well. She became such a chicken whisperer that we are now inspired to welcome some chicken friends of our own.

Fran learned lots of songs while at the school, including blessings of our food, sleepy caterpillar, and a song to sing while folding cloth. We sing them often at home – she is especially pleased to bring them to us. Fran appreciates the creative play she learned at TreeSprites, including the movement game to create animal personalities.

We have been learning how to support Fran’s growth and strong will during this time we lovingly call “threenager.” The cooperative nature of the group and daily rhythm gave us more tools. We especially appreciate the great care Teresa takes to allow the children to be helpers and decision makers throughout the day. From meal making to cleanup, Fran is more interested in helping at home after time at TreeSprites and we better understand how to offer her a role in our home projects. She voluntarily helped me cook breakfast this morning!

It is difficult to share the tremendous gratitude we hold for the experiences Fran has enjoyed at TreeSprites and the many happy moments it has sparked for her and us. TreeSprites provides us with a creative, safe and happy place for Fran to learn.

Thank you Teresa!…we appreciate you and your gift for teaching.

Pamela - MOTHER

Tree Sprites has been such a wonderful experience for our son and our family.  We moved our son to Tree Sprites after he had become very resistant to school and was starting to say “he didn’t like school” at his previous preschool. Teresa was so patient and wonderful helping him transition to his new school.  Though he cried shortly, at drop off, at the beginning; everyday at pickup he would be bursting with excitement about all of the incredible things they had done at school that day.  

From planting potatoes, to making felt crafts, to engaging puppet shows, to making delicious bread and soup, to feeding and caring for the animals, to playing in the sandbox…the list goes on and on.  Teresa is an amazing teacher, and relates to the kids as individuals.  Our son says his favorite days of the week are Tuesday and Thursday, and he asks us frequently “when will he get to go to school again?” We feel so fortunate that we were able to give our son such a love of school at Tree Sprites.  We will definitely be sending our daughter to Tree Sprites, once she is old enough.  We cannot recommend Tree Sprites and Teresa highly enough!  We will truly miss Teresa and Tree Sprites next year.


Our family can’t imagine a summer without Teresa Walker’s TreeSprites Summer

Camp. We’ve sent our daughter to Teresa’s every summer for the past 7 years, and

Teresa, her teenage son, her daughter and the other campers have become a warm and friendly, multi-age “family” for our child. Through the activities and modeling at camp, our sensitive 3 rd grader has become more adventuresome, confident and independent. She especially loves caring for the animals during Farm Camp, and surprised us with taking on cat care in our home without being asked — yes, even litter box duty. No small feat for a kid who used to be reluctant to get her hands or clothes dirty!

Teresa guides the children with warmth and clarity, and resolves conflict beautifully. She provides plenty of developmentally appropriate activities for the children, with a nice blend of fun, chores and downright silliness. My husband and I feel very grateful to be able to send our daughter to spend time aTreeSprites every summer. If you’re looking for a Waldorf-inspired, nurturing and fun camp experience for your son or daughter, TreeSprites might be the perfect fit for you, too.

Marla - MOTHER

Teresa has served our family and community for over 11 years .She offers a quality pre-school where children are treated respectfully. Her dedication and enthusiasm to learn and grow with her community are what make her and her offerings ( camps , preschools ) so special .For a unique loving experience like no other … try Teresa … you’ll be happy you did .. I know my family and I are!

Mandee - MOTHER