At Tree Sprites Farm, children are often found snuggling a warm fuzzy bunny,  catching a chicken,  collecting eggs from hens, bathing a duck, feeding peanuts to the goofy goats, teaching tricks to the funny farm dog, loving a cozy cat or using a homing pigeon to send a note to a friend.  

Through caring for farm animals, kids build confidence.  They learn to have respect and be patient with the animals who in turn take care of them.   By collecting eggs from the chickens, crafting with fiber from the goats,  spinning wool from a rabbit’s coat, and working in the organic garden, we learn where our clothing and our food come from.  We appreciate the gifts that are given to us, while building a greater understanding of responsibility and compassion.  
Children develop healthy relationships with food when they learn how food is grown. We work hard in the garden by digging, planting, watering, pulling weeds, harvesting vegetables and smelling the flowers.